"Learning is hard work, but everything you learn is yours..." -Marijn Haverbeke, Eloquent Javascript

Hello, I'm Michelle. Sometimes people call me Michi. Currently I am helping companies gain visibility into their supply chain at ClearMetal.

Working from initial research phase to building and shipping final designs, I believe in rapid iteration and the positive power of technology. Collaboration (including team critiques, cross team communication and brainstorming), self-motivation and kindness are qualities I look for and promote in a design team.

Previosly I was Lead Designer and second hire at Shift.org helping to design and build a product from the ground up. Prior to Product Design I worked as a Frontend Developer where I focused on modular development systems and styleguides for engineering.

I'm curious about the world around me and believe that we should always be learning and teaching. I feel lucky to work in an industry that encourages me to do just that. 

When I'm not in an office you can find me climbing up boulders, skiing down mountains, rocking out to all the music, and in public parks petting other people's dogs.