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Responsive Web

Goal: Design a profile page to help military veterans tell their story and showcase their skills and qualifications for the civilian workforce.

My Role: Design Lead + Frontend Development

Timeline: 2 weeks

About Shift Profiles

Shift is working to remove barriers that military veterans have when entering the civilian workforce. The profile I designed acts as an 'about me' page for military veterans. It's a way for recruiters to easily understand the skills a military veteran candidate has and allows veterans to effectively communicate their story and qualifications.

The Challenge: Translating Experiences

Military veterans face a challenge in applying to civilian jobs, especially in technology based companies and startups. Veterans struggle to tell their military story in a way that relates to the civilian workforce. Traditional outlets like Linkedin and resumes do a poor job in helping tell their story because so often hiring managers and recruiters don’t know what the military based job titles and rankings mean.

Demonstrating how civilian and military experience correlate and match up.

The Solution

The profile page was designed to help decode a veterans experience. I designed an onboarding process to parse out the key information for the military candidate and create the user profile. The information that came from that onboarding process is what generates the profile.

From user interviews it was clear that hiring managers wanted to be supportive of placing veterans into their companies but were unsure of the types of roles to interview them for. Hiring managers and recruiters also expressed frustration in understandng a veteran's background and skills. I designed solutions to these core problems within the profile.

  1. Highlight roles where similar candidates worked to help hiring managers understand qualifications.
  2. Highlight top skills and specifics of how that candidate aquired those skills.
  3. Tell the candidates story to understand the bigger picture of the work they did prior to entering the civilian workforce.
  4. Show when candidate is available for work (some candidates are still active duty planning ahead).
  5. Show where candidate is open to moving to (many are not based in the location they are willing to end up).

The profile page has allowed veterans to parse out their story and expertise (through a series of onboarding questions) while allowing the hiring managers to understand where a veteran might fit into their organization.

Alternative color options to customize a public facing profile.
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