Croissant 'Book Ahead' Capability

iOS Feature Design
I was UX and visual design lead for the project, managing a team of 6 other designers over a timeline of 6 weeks. Our goal was to design a "book ahead" feature for iOS to allow customers to reserve work spaces in advance across a diverse set of coworking spaces. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop, Croissant gives users the flexibility to "check-in" on demand and work at 50+ co-working spaces between NYC, SF, Boston, and DC. Croissant’s ultimate mission is to provide beautiful workspaces that are easily accessible to people everywhere.
Why does it matter to Croissant?
The Croissant customer wanted a sense of security and peace of mind  when planning out their week. Our goal was to design a “book ahead” feature which allows the Croissant customers to book seats days and weeks in advance. This allows the customers to better plan their work week and guarantees them and their guests a seat at the coworking spaces.

Final Deliverables

Booking a space today + booking a space in advanced
Reserving a seat (or seats)
Checking in and out of chosen space
Editing a reservation